Brad Young Music

Brad Young Music is the umbrella term I use for all my music related work, primarily my production and DJ work. I've been fortunate enough to meet some great people over the years and have had the opportunity to DJ at many different events, as well as collaborating with some incredible Artists. 

This Page concentrates on my Production and DJ work, below you will find content surrounding the two. All my music can be found on my Soundcloud, linked below.

Alone was my first Independent release that was available on all major platforms. I released this record on the first of June in 2017. This record was really important to me, as I had worked on it for over a year and to see the production process from it being just a tropical drum groove to seeing it live in stores, gave me an amazing sense of accomplishment.

My Latest mix  I performed live at Delight 58, this was a really cool event and I was able to mix some of my favourite Disco house tunes, Enjoy!

Currently in 2020 all my House and "Dance Mixs" are under my DJ name "Bradley James".  

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 3.29.14 pm.png

Warning was a collaborative project that I worked on alongside "MLNIUM".  I started writing this track one day and it ended up sitting in a folder for months until I contacted a good friend of mine and we started to work on it together. We worked on it for a while, exchanging ideas, and then one day MLNIUM sent me a final edit of what he did and before we knew it the track was complete. 


Months after we released the track, it got picked up by a UK Label and was re-released on all platforms under Vital EDM.

Getting selected to DJ on TRNSMT Radio was an amazing opportunity for me as I was representing the "Melbourne Trap Pack" and was given a platform to DJ that I had never had before.


This Set was streamed live online and via radio. There was a live feed that people could watch and could interact with, which was really cool as I could see what people were vibing with as I played a bunch of different music.

DJing Live for TRNSMT Radio in March 2017

I love recording sets as I feel it is a way for me to show people what tracks and Artists I am really digging at that point in time.


I started the BYM mixtape series at the beginning of 2020 . This Series was made to show the variety of music I DJ as well as showing an emphasis my DJ ability with smooth and exciting transitions.

My Latest track Rosmore 555 is a underground techno style track. I love the sound this genre of music has. It is so immersive, I feel it puts you straight into the club.

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